WekaIO Distributed Storage

Supermicro WekaIO Distributed Storage Solution

Unimaginable, shared, and parallel file systems to maximize your storage
performance for the most extreme demands!

Solution Overview

With the storm of data raining down to today’s enterprise systems, flooding the capacity, and challenging the IT
infrastructure to distribute the data out to the application that need it, feeding data-starved applications and
extracting maximum value gets more and more challenging.

Supermicro and Weka together deliver a high-performance, and ultra-low latency shared and parallel file
storage solution leveraging NVMe flash. The bundle solution runs on Supermicro’s selected NVMe
systems supporting the highest performance processors, memory, storage, and networking. It is specifically
designed and optimized for NVMe flash and cloud-native to accelerate today’s data centers and power
breakthrough innovation.

Get ready to unlock the full capabilities of your data center with unprecedented speed and performance,
no matter the scale.

Solution Benefits

WekaFS unifies your entire data lake into a shared global namespace where you can easily
access and manage trillions of files from one directory. It instantly adapts to any new workload,
no knobs to tune, and no expertise required. Weka lives anywhere your data does, whether
on-premises, in the public cloud or shared across both.

  • * Built for the cloud – Seamlessly run on-premises, in the cloud and burst between platforms
  • * Shared storage architecture – Enjoy shared access from any application to a single data namespace
  • * Optimized for NVMe – Achieve lowest possible latency and highest bandwidth and IOPS performance
  • * Multi-protocol ready – Supports Linux, Windows and native POSIX access to data
  • * Built-in durability – Uses distributed data protection and instant backup to S3 cloud for rapid recovery
  • * Advanced security – Keeps your data completely safe with integrated encryption, key management and access control
  • WekaIO Solution Diagram 2

    Use Cases

    • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
    • Life sciences including genomics and Cryo-EM
    • Financial trading, including backtesting, time-series analysis, and risk management
    • Engineering DevOps
    • Electronic design and automation
    • Media rendering and visual effects (VFX)
    • High-performance computing (HPC)
    • High performance data analytics such as Cassandra, SAS and Splunk

    Product Brief

    The Supermicro-NVMe Reference Architecture implements the next-generation of intelligent infrastructure platforms designed to provide applications with all of the raw performance you can expect from local storage — and all of the flexibility, manageability and scalability typically experienced with traditional storage area network-based solutions. Leveraging the latest NVMe and PCIe standards, this reference architecture uses a low-latency, high-bandwidth networking to connect compute and storage together in a flexible way that will fit almost any application’s architecture requirements. Deploy this RA in storage-centric, compute-centric or mixed storage and compute configurations, and integrate it with existing data center application servers as desired.

    Scale Out diagram

    Supermicro-Weka Reference Architecture – H12 AMD

      8x A+ WIO
      8x Supermicro 1U A+ Server
    Supermicro SKU 8x AS -1114S-WN10RT
    Form Factor 8U
    Usable Capacity 323TB
    Storage Media NVMe* 80x (10x 7.68TB/node)
    CPU (dual per node) 8x AMD Rome 7402P
    Memory 2048GB
    Network 16x single-port
    Mellanox CX-6 200G VPI
    IOPS** 6.8M
    Bandwidth** 320GB/s
    I/O Latency Sub-400μs
    SW Subscription 1yr or 3yr

    *To request drives of a different capacity, please contact weka-pm@supermicro.com.

    Supermicro-Weka Reference Architecture – X11 INTEL

      2x BigTwin 1 2x BigTwin 2 8x Ultra 1 8x Ultra 2
      2x Supermicro BigTwin™ 8x Supermicro 1U Ultra
    Supermicro SKU 2x SYS-2029BT-HNR 8x SYS-1029U-TN10RT
    Form Factor 4U 4U 8U 8U
    Usable Capacity 193TB 64TB 161TB 64TB
    Storage Media NVMe* 48
    (6x 7.68TB/node)
    (2x 7.68TB/node)
    (10x 3.84TB/node)
    (4x 3.84TB/node)
    CPU (dual per node) 16x Intel 4214R 16x Intel 4214R 16x Intel 4214R 16x Intel 4214R
    Memory 1536GB 768GB 1536GB 768GB
    Network 16x single-port
    Mellanox CX-5 100G VPI
    8x single-port
    Mellanox CX-5 100G VPI
    16x single-port
    Mellanox CX-5 100G VPI
    8x single-port
    Mellanox CX-5 100G VPI
    IOPS 4.9M 1.6M 6.8M 2.7M
    Bandwidth Read 119GB/s Read 40GB/s Read 160GB/s Read 80GB/s
    I/O Latency Sub-400μs Sub-400μs Sub-400μs Sub-400μs
    SW Subscription 1yr or 3yr 1yr or 3yr 1yr or 3yr 1yr or 3yr


    Certified Servers for Supermicro Weka Reference Architecture

    Supermicro BigTwin™

    Supermicro BigTwin is the first and only 2U multi-node system supporting the highest performance processor, memory, storage, I/O and an incredible 30% better thermal capacity, leveraging the Titanium Level 96% efficient power supplies (2200W/2600W). The 5th generation of Supermicro's Twin architecture is fully optimized for today's diverse workloads and architected for further technology breakthroughs.

    The system delivers the highest performance and efficiency in a 2U 4-node platform. It supports the widest TDP range of CPUs (up to 205W), fully exploits all memory channels with 24 DIMMS per node and 24 All-Flash NVMe drives. Finally, the Supermicro BigTwin provides 100% more I/O capacity and added flexibility with more than10 networking options including 1GbE, 10G, 25G, 100G, IB and industry leading SIOM modular interconnect.

    BigTwin™ Benefits

    • A full range of processors up to the highest performance 205W CPUs
    • Maximum Memory Size with full 24 DIMMs of memory per node
    • 24 All-Flash NVMe or Hybrid Drives
    • Double the I/O Capacity with 4 hot-swappable nodes in a 2U form factor
    SYS-2029BT-HNR (angled view)
    Key Features
    • 4 DP nodes in 2U; depth 28.5", Each Node:
    • Dual Socket P (LGA 3647) support: 2nd Gen. Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors; dual UPI up to 10.4GT/s
    • 24 DIMMs; up to 6TB 3DS ECC DDR4-2933 MHz RDIMM/LRDIMM
    • Supports Intel® Optane™ DCPMM*
    • 6 Hot-swap 2.5" NVMe drive bays per node
    • 2 PCI-E 3.0 x16 Low-profile slots, 1 Networking SIOM card support
    • 1 Dedicated IPMI port, 1 VGA, 2 USB 3.0, 1 SuperDOM
    • 4 heavy duty 80mm fans w/ optimal fan speed control
    • 2200W Redundant Titanium Level (96%) Power Supplies
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    *Contact your Supermicro sales rep for more info.


    Supermicro Ultra

    Supermicro 1U Ultra Servers are designed to deliver the highest performance, flexibility, scalability and serviceability to demanding IT environments, and to power mission-critical Enterprise workloads. With Redundant Titanium Level (96%+) Power Supplies (1000W), Supermicro Ultra Servers are able to provide green computing solutions to our customers while delivering unrivaled performance, flexibility, scalability, and serviceability for demanding Enterprise workloads.

    Ultra SuperServers support up to: 6TB DDR4 2933MHz in 24 DIMMs; SATA3 with optional SAS3 and NVMe support for increased storage bandwidth; a variety of Ultra Riser options, including built-in 1G, 10GBASE-T, 10G SFP+, and 25G Ethernet options; support for add-on SAS3 HW/SW RAID controllers and additional PCI-E 3.0 slots. Supermicro Ultra Servers is the best fit for diverse workloads and applications and can be easily reconfigured for multiple Enterprise and Data Center applications in Virtualization, Big Data, Analytics and Cloud Computing.

    Ultra Benefits

    • Support for new generation X11 Solutions with Dual Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor up to 205W
    • Up to 6TB DDR4 2933MHz in 24 DIMM slots
    • 100/40/25/10G Ethernet
    • NVMe/SAS3/SATA3 Drive Bays
    • Up to 8/4 PCI-E 3.0 Expansion Slots
    • Redundant Titanium Level (96%+) Power Supplies
    SYS-1029U-TN10RT (angled view)
    Key Features
    • Virtualization, Cloud Computing, High End Enterprise Server
    • Dual Socket P (LGA 3647) support: 2nd Gen. Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors; dual UPI up to 10.4GT/s
    • 24 DIMMs; up to 6TB 3DS ECC DDR4-2933 MHz RDIMM/LRDIMM
    • Supports Intel® Optane™ DCPMM*
    • 10 Hot-swap 2.5" drive bays; 4 NVMe/SAS3 hybrid + 6 NVMe ports
    • 2 PCI-E 3.0 x16 Full-height, 10.5" L slots
    • 2x 10GBase-T ports, 1 Dedicated IPMI port
    • 2 VGA (1 rear, 1 onboard), 1 Serial, 5 USB 3.0
    • 8 heavy duty fans w/ optimal fan speed control
    • 1000W Redundant Titanium Level (96%) Power Supplies
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    *Contact your Supermicro sales rep for more info.


    Supermicro A+ Server


    Supermicro A+ server supports a single AMC EPYC™ processor with up to 16 DIMM slots per node and 10 hybrid drive bays in a 1U form factor.

    AS -1114S-WN10RT (angled view)
    Key Features
    • Single AMD EPYC™ 7002-series processor (Socket SP3)
    • Supports up to 4TB Registered ECC DDR4 3200MHz SDRAM in 16 DIMMs
    • 2 PCI-E 4.0 x16 (FHHL) slots, 1 PCI-E 4.0 x16 (LP) slot
    • 10 hot-swap 2.5" U.2 Gen4/Gen3 NVMe drive& support, optional 10 SATA3 drive support via additional cables
    • IPMI 2.0 + KVM with dedicated LAN support
    • 2x 10GBase-T LAN ports  via Broadcom BCM57416
    • 750W Platinum level Redundant Power Supplies with PMBus
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    Certified Network Adapters
    • AOC-653106A-ECAT
    AOC-653106A-ECAT (top view)
    Key Features
    • Standard, PCI-E 2-port 100Gb/s InfiniBand & Ethernet, QSFP56, Gen 3.0/4.0 x16, CX-6 VPI
    • Interface: PCI-E 4.0 x16, PCI-E 3.0 x16
    • Port: 2 QSFP56 ports
    • Speed: 100Gb IB or 100GbE per port
    • AOC-MCX555A-ECAT
    AOC-MCX555A-ECAT (top view)
    Key Features
    • Standard, PCI-E 1-port IB-FDR/EDR 100Gb/s and 100GbE QSFP28 Gen3.0 x16 CX-5 VPI
    • Interface: PCI-E 3.0 x16
    • Port: 1 QSFP28 port
    • Speed: 100Gb IB or 100GbE
    • AOC-MCX556A-ECAT
    AOC-MCX556A-ECAT (top view)
    Key Features
    • Standard Low-profile Mellanox EDR IB (100Gb/s) and 100GbE card with 2 QSFP28 ports
    • Interface: PCI-E 3.0 x16
    • Port: 2 QSFP28 ports
    • Speed: 100Gb IB or 100GbE per port