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Turnkey HPC Appliance for AI


        As HPC and AI intertwine more and more, the future of computation with high precision is getting brighter.Fascinating and completely new discoveries in some of the most complex HPC domains are enabled by AI's deep learning capabilities! To keep up with the increasing demand of computational power for applications that combine HPC with AI, Supermicro offers versatile cluster solutions with high scalability
and configurability.

HPC Rack - AI

Compute Power:

  • System: SYS-4029GP-TVRT (Supermicro Super Server, 4U 8 GPU)
  • GPU: 8x Nvidia Tesla V100 SXM2(16GB) MAX: Up to 32GB
  • NVLINK: High-speed interconnect 300GB/s per GPU
  • Memory: DDR4-2666 32GB, total 384GB
  • CPU: Intel Xeon Gold 6154 CPU @ 3.00GHz

Solution SKU:

  • SRS-14UGPU-AIV1-01: 14U Rack, 2 x 4U GPU server with 16 V100
  • SRS-24UGPU-AIV1-01: 24U Rack, 4 x 4U GPU server with 32 V100


  • InfiniBand Switch: (Mellanox InfiniBand FDR/ EDR/HDR,
    1 U Switch, 36 QSFP28 ports)
  • L 2/3 Switch: SSE-G3648BR (1/10 Gb Ethernet Superswitch).
    48 x 1 Gbps and 4 x SPF+ 10 Gbps Ethernet ports



AI Benchmarks:


Supermicro HPC team has accomplished remarkable results in benchmarking AI
performance. The performance of Supermicro AI appliances have been evaluated
using various and widely used Deep Learning algorithms such as VGG, Inception V3,
ResNet 50 etc. Most of the times, our appliances have outperformed the popular and
current choices ofAI clusters that are available in the market.
For example, the following TensorFlow benchmark (using ResNet 50) shows successful
processing of almost 18000 images per second.


TensorFlow Benchmark
TensorFlow Benchmark Graph

Our HPC team has also compared the performance of Supermicro AI appliances with other leading market leaders of AI hardware provider, and the results were significantly impressive and better. For example, the following Caffe2 benchmark (using ResNet 50) shows that Supermicro AI cluster solution can process significantly more images per second compared to Facebook:

Caffe2 Benchmark
Caffe2 Benchmark Graph - Supermicro vs Facebook

Turnkey HPC appliance for ANSYS:

The Ansys software suite provides a standardized platform for engineers to design and run simulations in an efficient manner. Supermicro has teamed up with Ansys to provide hardware tailored specifically to the Ansys application in order to get the optimum performance from Ansys products. With Supermicro's Ansys Solution, the turn-around time between designing, running, and seeing the results of a simulation are dramatically reduced, which will allow engineering teams to expedite the development process.

The Supermicro Ansys Solution is designed to efficiently utilize the Ansys software suite and comes in a few different packages, from small and cost effective to a large cluster with ample horsepower. The Supermicro Ansys Solution contains high performance components which have been carefully selected to minimize bottlenecking in even the most strenuous simulations to ensure that the end user will get full utilization of each hardware component no matter what the circumstance. Hardware features include:

  • Top end CPUs for maximum computation power
  • Large memory allows for increasingly large datasets
  • SSD/NVMe drives for quick and efficient storage
  • High end networking for seamless synchronization at a cluster level
  • GPUs for complex mathematical computation
  • Fully integrated hardware/software stack for plug-and-play
  • Easy to deploy, hassle free management
  Small Cluster Large Cluster (1U server) Large Cluster (2U server)
Compute Node Up to 10 Up to 32 Up to 32
Form Factor (Per Node) Server 1U Ultra 1U Ultra 2U TwinPro
CPU 2x SKL 6134 3.2 GHz 2x SKL 6134 3.2 GHz 2x SKL 6134 3.2 GHz
Memory 256 GB 256 GB 256 GB
Drive 1.6 TB SSD 1.6 TB SSD 1.6 TB SSD
Total Core Up to 160 Up to 512 Up to 512
Total Memory Up to 2560 GB Up to 8192 GB Up to 8192 GB
Total Storage Up to 16 TB Up to 52.1 TB Up to 51.2 TB
Master Node 1 2 2
Server Server 1U Ultra 1U Ultra 1U Ultra
CPU 2x SK 6134 3.2 GHz 2x SK 6134 3.2 GHz 2x SK 6134 3.2 GHz
Memory 256GB 256GB 256GB
Drive 1.6TB SSD 1.6TB SSD 2TB SSD
Graph NVIDIA Quadro GP100 16GB GDDR5
Switches 24 Ports 10GbE Omni-Path or EDR or FDR
IPMI 52 Ports
Cabinet 14U 42U
PDU 1x2U 30A 2x 50A 208 3-Phase Metered PDU