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Supermicro IoT Edge


Supermicro Brings Server Processing and Cloud-Based Solutions to the Intelligent IoT Edge

As the number of Internet-connected devices increases exponentially, local Edge processing
is becoming critical to managing the vast amounts of data being generated and supporting
innovative, targeted applications. Supermicro is leveraging advanced product design to
provide flexible low-power, ultra-reliable computing, and partnering with forward-thinking
software platform partners to build complete solutions for an array of significant
vertical markets.


Supermicro’s Intelligent Retail Edge

Supermicro’s Intelligent Retail Edge is offered in three different certified cluster configurations leveraging the industry-proven SuperServer platform that is optimized for specific sized stores, and application workload requirements.

              • Entry-level cluster platform based on the E100, a small, powerful fanless IoT/Edge gateway server for small stores with space and power constraints, such as small convenience stores or restaurants, running basic workloads such as Point-of-Sale (POS), video surveillance, and inventory management.

              • A mainstream cluster requiring a versatile, high-performance IoT/Edge server based on the E300, has a small physical footprint and superior acoustics for small to medium-sized stores running multiple applications at the Edge.

              • High-end cluster configuration utilizing the 1019/5019, a short depth rack-mount Edge workhorse server with rich storage and networking options and support for accelerator and GPU technologies needed for AI/ML applications for medium to- largesized stores, such as grocery stores and mid-sized size retailers. Developed through a collaboration with NodeWeaver and NetFoundry, Supermicro’s Integrated Retail Edge platform supports small-to-large clusters for retail applications

Supermicro’s Intelligent Industrial IoT

Benefits of choosing Supermicro solutions:

       • Central visibility and management over all Edge hardware

       • Hardware integrity and security ensured with zero-trust model

       • Zero-touch device provisioning • Configure and manage applications at scale

       • Agility and scalability with 100% cloud-based model 


Right-Sized Systems to Support Intelligent IoT

          Intelligent IoT Gateways for The Extreme Edge

  •          * Ultra-small systems for space-constrained locations such as convenience stores and restaurants
  •          * Fanless enclosure with a variety of I/O and networking options
  •          * Ideal for running basic workloads such as point-of-sale (PoS), video surveillance, and inventory        management
  • Compact Servers for Mainstream Installations

    •      * Small physical footprint and superior acoustics for small to medium-sized businesses and institutions
    •      * Processor options ranging up to Intel® Xeon® D, plus networking and I/O options plus PCI-E expansion slots
    •      * Capable of running a variety of Intelligent Edge, SD-WAN, and security workloads
    • High-Performance Rackmount and Wall-Mount

      • * Short-depth rackmount systems for controlled environments; highly-configurable wall-mount for demanding locations
      • * Data center-class performance with up to Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, plus rich storage and full-size PCI-E expansion slots
      • *  Support for GPUs and other hardware accelerators to drive AI/ML applications and other demanding Edge workloads