HPC Storage, Server & Fabric


1. IBM Spectrum Scale

Spectrum Scale provides a datacenter with a flexible storage platform that allows the end user access to enormous
amounts of data at incredibly high speeds. The secret to Scale's performance is a tiered storage hierarchy which
prioritizes frequently used data to the fastest storage tiers while maintaining the rest of the data on more cost-effective
storage devices for on-demand access. IBM Spectrum Scale intelligent storage rules allow for the user to customize
the use of their hardware depending on their needs.


Supermicro offers Specturm Scale based Solutions for HPC Applications.

IBM Specture Scale diagram

2. Lustre File System

Lustre is a parallel file system that provides speeds necessary for HPC workloads from petabytes of storage. Lustre Solution
allows for thousands of clients to access storage devices on demand. This solution is made possible by decoupling the
metadata and data on servers, which means that the customer can design and tailor their cluster depending on the workload
that they will be running. Lustre has been time-tested in a number of the world's largest datacenters,in fact, Lustre currently
powers 75% of top 100 supercomputers on Earth. Supermicro has paired up with Intel and BGI in order to provide the BGI
laboratories with a Lustre system capable of 8Gb/s speeds!

Lustre File System diagram

3. HPC Server Platforms


  • Best TCO with Highest Performance-per-Watt/per-Dollar
  • FatTwin™ represents a revolution in Green Computing and is highly efficient by design
  • This system supports customers' critical applications while reducing Data Center TCO in order to help
    preserve the environment, and extends the compute and storage capabilities
  • Due to its shared components, the FatTwin™ improves cost-effectiveness and reliability, while its modular
    architecture makes it flexible to configure and easy to maintain


  • Twin technology provide exceptional throughput, storage, networking, I/O, memory and processing capabilities
  • Performance, Flexibility, Efficiency
  • Competitive advantage for High-End Enterprise, HPC and Cloud computing environments

GPU Server

  • Designed for HPC, AI, Big Data Analytics, Astrophysics, Business Intelligence
  • Supports the latest GPU Tesla V100
  • Performance, Flexibility, Efficiency
  • DCLC optional

Ultra Server

  • Ultra Super Servers are designed to deliver the highest performance, flexibility, scalability and serviceability to
    demanding IT environments, and to power mission-critical Enterprise workloads
  • The perfect fit for diverse workloads and applications and can be easily reconfigured for multiple Enterprise and
    Data Center applications in Virtualization, Big Data, Analytics and Cloud Computing


  • Maximum Density, affordability, reduced management cost, optimal ROI and high scalability
  • Supports up to 205W TDP Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors
  • UP, DP and 4-way blade servers
  • Hot-swap U.2 NVMe, up to 8 drives per blade server
  • 100G EDR InfiniBand, 100G Intel® Omni-Path, and 25G/10G/1G Ethernet switches
  • Redundant AC/DC power supplies
  • Battery Backup Power (BBP®) modules
  • Supermicro RSD and Redfish RESTful APIs supported

4. HPC Fabric (Omni-Path, InfiniBand)

Supermicro Omni-path (OPA)

Intel's Omni-Path technology is the next generation of networking. With low latency and high throughput,
the Intel Omni-Path switches offer the best of both worlds. We recommend Supermicro Intel® Omni-Path to
any HPC customer who is concerned about their network performance being an issue.

Mellanox InfiniBand (IB)

Mellanox’s InfiniBand switches are another excellent choice when it comes to high speed interconnect for HPC.
HPC requires low latency and high throughput in networking and that is exactly what InfiniBand offers.

Supermicro HPC server platforms provide built-in Mellanox EDR or FDR adaptors or optional SIOMs.