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Cooling Technologies


     Our HPC products generate a lot of computation power, which consequently produces excess heat.
Luckily, Supermicro has teamed up with the best in the business and is happy to offer cooling
equipment from our partners.

We offer liquid cooling systems, the most innovative cooling technology for HPC installations.

     Today, as the number of servers continues to multiply and power usage grows exponentially,
liquid cooling remains the most efficient cooling solution. It enables high-density server racks
and increases data center power usage effectiveness (PUE)—a winning combination.
Forced-air cooling has outlived its effectiveness, and the industry now gravitates toward
warm-water cooling to tap next-generation server technologies while lowering power usage.

In fact, liquid cooling lowers TCO by 40 to 50 percent compared to forced-air cooling.

       It has also been shown to yield a ten-fold improvement in server density without harmful tradeoffs.
Other benefits include whisper-quiet operation and no stranded power. There is no need to
provision power for fan energy at maximum speed.


         Advanced HPC specializes in liquid cooling systems for data centers, servers, workstations and
high-performance PCs. For HPC installations, our direct-to-chip technology applies liquid
cooling technology directly on the chip itself. Since liquid is 4,000 times better at storing and
transferring heat than air, our solutions provide immediate and measurable benefits to large and small
data centers alike.


Chiller Door – RDHx

Chiller Door - RDHx

   The RDHx chiller door is designed to handle a dynamic workload. It runs cold when
your servers are hot, but when your servers are idle, it will dial back the amount of
cooling in order to save energy. This design is possible due to the chiller door’s sensor
technology, which is responsible for monitoring the heat from the exhaust of the rack
and react accordingly. The chiller door is an effective solution in keeping your servers
cold while keeping your energy bill low!




Per Node 1U Ultra Titanium 1U Ultra Platinum 1U Server (Comp #1) 1U Server (Comp #2)
Power Consumption (Watts) 445 454 466 477
Power Saved by using 1U Ultra Titanium (Watts) 0 9 21 32
TCO Saved over 4 years by using one 1U Ultra Titanium ($) $0 $135 $315 $480
TCO Saved per 10,000 Ultra servers ($M) * $1.4M $3.2M $4.8M
Table 3: Ultra Titanium System Power and TCO Savings

Direct Liquid Cooling – DCLC

Direct Liquid Cooling – DCLC

   DCLC liquid cooling is our state of the art solution in cooling. The liquid cooling system is
capable of regulating the overall temperature of hardware components in a more effective
and efficient manner than any air chilling system is capable of. The liquid cooling system
can be installed in any datacenter with no additional infrastructure changes and can be
installed in the same racks as air cooled servers. The liquid cooling system allows CPU/GPUs
to be run at maximum wattage and utilizes a low pressure, redundant pumping system to
keep your equipment reliably cold.

DCLC Temperature Chart