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Virtual Desktop & Gaming

             Virtual desktop infrastructure systems and cloud gaming are increasingly gaining popularity thanks to an ever more improved internet infrastructure. This gives more flexibility to the user, as software can now be provided as a service which can be used from virtually everywhere. However, the user expects to get the same experience as he is used to from working on his workstation or playing on his gaming console. This requires minimizing the latency between the server the software is running on and the client. The latency is composed of two parts: First we have the latency for the communication over the internet, and the other part is the time the software needs to respond to the input of the user and to generate the output that is then transmitted back.
               To minimize the data size of the stream that has to be sent back to the user, the images can be compressed on the server by generating an encoded stream. But because the encoding can take a long time if it is done with software encoding on the CPU, which also reduces the CPU time that is available to the system for other tasks leading to a lower performance, the better solution is to use the encoding capabilities of a GPU if the server is equipped with one. To facilitate the implementation of this process in your own applications

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