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Software Defined Storage

The storage landscape is evolving from premium priced proprietary hardware and software solutions to open industry standard hardware and the benefits are significant: reduced vendor lock-in, significantly open innovation with new technologies like all NVMe solutions. Supermicro's extensive storage platform of choice for leading storage vendors and major hyperscale datacenters.

Supermicro delivers significant benefits to Software Defined Storage Solutions:

  1. Maximum Efficiency - High capacity 1U-4U form factors. Leading the industry with up 95% efficient Platinum level power supplies
  2. Maximum Performance and expandability - All NVMe support with hybrid expander and delivering up to 20 GB/s throughput
  3. Mission Critical Reliability - Capable of fully redundant and fault-tolerant operation with supplies, fans and redundant serverboards with remote management
  4. Proven Compatibility - Lab validated hardware configurations optimized for high duty cycles workloads
Scale-Out Storage Solutions

Solution for Ceph

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NexentaStor Solutions

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NexentaEdge Solutions

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Total Solution for Lustre on OpenZFS

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Vmware (vSAN)

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Enterprise Storage

Spectrum Accelerate