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Security Solutions

Octapus Security Solutions deliver advanced security in a trusted and efficient way that addresses our clients' most complex and mission-critical security challenges, providing the context and confidence needed to leverage the latest technology, embrace modern business realities and defend their enterprises. We combine experienced consulting, advanced products and efficient managed services to deliver dramatic improvement in security posture and operational efficiencies.

Octapus Security Solutions enable you to:

  • Reduce attack surfaces through micro-segmentation.
  • ​Cryptographically defend entire classes of assets, including endpoints, servers, data centers, and clouds.
  • Deliver micro-segmentation with software that is easy to deploy and manage instead of expensive, resource-intensive firewalls.
  • Simplify security policies by making them identity-based rather than IP-based, and manage micro-segments using the same user identities already in place.
  • Integrate physical surveillance with logical security to create a tighter defense.
  • Secure Industrial Control Systems.
  • Unify and extend your security policy across your extended enterprise, including supply chains, mobile uses and public clouds.

In our hyper-connected world, enterprises are faced with challenges that extend far beyond their four walls, and need security specifically designed for this purpose. Octapus delivers proven, award-winning products, solutions, consulting and managed services that equip enterprises to meet today's end-to-end challenges head-on.